We’ve spent a lot of time over the past eight years listening to children, young people, and families describe their hopes for the local community.

We’ve also worked alongside and spoken with the local professionals who support families who’ve told us about their worries and ambitions for Feltham. Local people are deeply concerned about the younger generations in the area, but are also keen to point out the many brilliant things about Feltham as a place to grow up. 

From working in the community, listening to local people, and analysing relevant data, we have been especially struck by three key points which suggest the need for a collective impact project in the local area.

Across a range of indicators, children and young people in Feltham have worse outcomes than their peers in other parts of Hounslow, and in other parts of London.

For instance, only a fifth of young people in Feltham go on to University; down the road, in Osterley, it’s three quarters. The causes of this are wide-ranging and complex, relating to many different aspects of local families’ lives and difficulties. There’s a variety of different agencies, services, businesses, organisations and institutions that work with children, young people and families in the local area, or that have a significant influence over their lives. The opportunity we have with this project is to bring in the necessary resource and capacity to bring them together effectively, support their coordination, and significantly improve their collective impact

Feltham can feel forgotten, and local families don't have access to as many services as people living elsewhere.

Feltham is statistically one of the places in Britain which faces the most significant barriers to services, and we hear this from those we work with all the time, who struggle to obtain the support or provision they need. This affects children, young people and families in particular: it affects their sense of place, their sense of hope and their sense of the future. This issue can only be addressed through collective work on the part of local organisations, institutions, services and residents

The experience of the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the complex difficulties affecting families in Feltham, but has also demonstrated the area's collective strength.

The pandemic shone a spotlight on pre-existing inequalities and difficulties experienced by local people. But the brilliant response of the local community showed the power of collective efforts to address local needs and improve lives.