The Feltham Convening Partnership is a new collective impact initiative that aims to improve outcomes for children and young people in Feltham.

Values and Design Principles

Bringing together local people, services and organisations to work collectively requires a clear set of guiding values and design principles.

The Community

We’ve spent a lot of time over the past eight years listening to children, young people, and families describe their hopes for the local community.

Get Involved! 

We always want to hear from people who are interested in the Feltham Convening Partnership (FCP) and share our passion to collectively improve outcomes for children and young people. 

Please get in touch with a member of the Planning Team if you would like to find out more about how to get involved- we are here to listen and learn!

FCP Young People’s Research Group trip to Central London

01 November 2022
Young People Seema

Introduction: Key details about the trip

Hello! Our names are Waithira and Sacdiyo and we live here in Feltham. On the 30th August, we visited the Tate Modern and the Houses of Parliament with other young people who participated in the FCP Summer Research Programme. One of the most exciting things about this trip was we got to meet Seema Malhotra, the Labour MP for Feltham & Heston!

We are 'Systems Stewards'

17 October 2022

The StriveTogether conference was a fantastic opportunity to learn from some of the experts in collective impact work, connect with a wide range of sites doing this work across the US, and sense check how our collective impact partnership is doing in relation to all the other inspiring partnerships we heard about. It was also very helpful to have time and space to come together as a team to reflect and learn.

Systems are made up of people

14 October 2022

I’ve been working with the Feltham Convening Partnership for over six months now and getting the opportunity to attend the Strive Conference in Chicago made me reflect on what led me to apply to work with the Feltham Convening Partnership in the first place. Why am I so invested in this work? At first, I thought it was because I wanted a job that made me feel good, that made me feel that I was making a difference.