Mei Lim
Planning Team Lead

Mei has over 13 years experience working across all phases in education. She worked in South East London as a secondary History teacher, before leaving to study a Masters in Public Policy degree for 2 years in Berlin, with a focus on education and social policy. Returning to the UK, she decided to move into the primary phase and was Headteacher of a primary academy in Guildford until December 2018.

During this time, Mei met Ed and was inspired by his vision to develop a complementary model that works alongside schools to support children and families, which is why she joined the Reach Children's Hub in 2019. Mei now oversees the Hub and is excited to be leading the Planning Team for the FCP, as she believes passionately in the importance of building capacity across communities, so that every child can thrive and enjoy a life of choice and opportunity.

Jennie Tweedy
Reach Community Lead

Jennie has lived and worked within the community for the past 11 years. Before starting at Reach, she worked as a Family Support Worker within a local Community and Children's Centre in Bedfont. Whilst working there she developed a passion for helping people and breaking cycles that some local families get stuck in. She joined Reach Academy in May 2017 and has enjoyed being part of a committed and dedicated team who strive to give all local children and families the opportunities they may not otherwise have had. She is started as a Family Support Worker and is now the Community Engagement Lead within the Early Learning Community. Her aims are to build parental capacity, reduce stress and foster community. This is done through a number of projects/groups directly delivered by Jennie which are increasing parents confidence, helping them access local services and building their support network.

Jess Rennie
Reach Community Officer

Upon graduating from Reading University after studying Psychology, Jess completed the Unlocked Graduate Leadership Programme. As part of this scheme Jess worked within a prison focusing on helping prisoners make better choices and prepare for life upon release. This role ignited a passion to improve opportunities and help individuals make positive choices before reaching the point of offending. She joined the Reach Foundation as the part of the operations team but is excited to be moving into a community based role to help improve the Feltham community and opportunities for those who live here.

Nkeiruka Samuel
FCP Associate

Nkeiruka lives here in Feltham with her husband and two children. She grew up in Nigeria, and moved to the United Kingdom in 2012. Nkeiruka has previously worked with the Reach Foundation as a volunteer. 

As part of the FCP planning team, Nkeiruka interacts with members of the community to strengthen and establish new relationships with individuals from across the community which includes young people, parents, professionals and residents. She signposts people to the relevant working groups within the FCP and helps to ensure ongoing engagement. Nkeiruka's hope for this role is to increase communication and engagement with our partners. She is excited to be involved with the FCP and to be able to foster more community engagement that will improve the lives of babies, children and young people in Feltham. She is looking forward to meeting you all in the future!!